Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 8 - Denia

Hello friends! I have been very busy so here is an update!! Today we had class in the morning and then decided to go to one of the beaches around here called Las Brisas :) annddd since it was mega hot me and some of the girlies decided to go shopping :) On out way to the shops we stopped at BURGER KING and it was delissshhh!!!

Then that night as a group we went out to this Indian Bar and bbooyyy was that interesting! lol Here is a picture of me and Erin before we went out! :)

At the Indian Bar, this little dancer lady came out in her outfit and it was hilarious! Andre was like "are we supposed to tip her?!" lol We all busted out laughing and were like uuhh no!

After a night of dancing we headed home to get some sleep! :)

Looking for Fame in Spain,

Rachel :)

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