Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 17 - Barcelona

Que tal amigos? I am still here going strong in Barcelona! Today first off I looked super cute beccauusee I wore one of my new dresses and a scarf I got in Madrid :)

First we went to this cliff that had an amazing view of the city!

Here is me and my roomie Lauren! After this we went to "Cataluna Museum" where there was lots of art, but I am not much of an artsy person soooo yyeeaaa lol! But them had some good views as well!

Afterrrr thhaattt we went to this little market place and they had the cutest shops! There was this really cool glass blowing place and guess what ferny girls it was just like making glass beads, but on a waaayyy bigger scale.

Aaannddd there was the most delicious chocolate shop called "La Casa de Chocolate" and I got some yuummyy pieces! 

YYAAAYYY! Now for the best part of the daaayyy that night we went to the theatre for the Flamenco performance! :)

It was amazing and me want to dance alllll night! Here is a picture of me before the show in front of the theatre, in a new dress  I bought in Barcelona!

Here is one of me and some of the girls after the show, showing off our flameco moves! :)

The show was fabulous!! What a wonderful day! :)

Looking for fame in spain, 
Rachel :)

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