Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 11 - Denia

Hello fans! hahaha, just kidding! I do love how people read my blog because it makes me feel famous ;) 

Annyyywaayyy I am going to write A LOT more today, because my office has received some complaints stating that my entries were getting short and lame, but I don't want to drop any names...heather! But in response to that complaint, I have been super busy and haven't had a lot of time to spend on the computer.

Ok, so Monday Monday! Well we had clase in the manana and I had my first test, which went pretty well :) then to celebrate we had a fabbuullouuss day!

After lunch Lauren, Erin, Valenica and I headed down to spend the afternoon on la playa! We walked, which is about a 30 minute walk (friends you should be proud) , but on the way there we ALL had to ppeeee SO bad! I of course wanted some ice cream so we used the bathroom there, which if you think about it pretty much means that my love for ice cream saved the day! 

We got to the beach and seriously the weather could not have been any better!! We rented some lounge chairs from the eye candy bartender (don't worry ro, good looking but bartender?? we all know how expensive i am lol) any way we literally were out in the sun for almost 4 hours and booyyy did I get some sun! We had an iHome and were jamming to Shakira, Enrique, and Camila so we def blended in ;) hahaha! 

After the beach we decided to head to the grocery store pick up some snacks, because this getting home late and having access to no food, is not working for us lol! We went back to "Consum" and I got some yummy treats, but while Lauren and I were waiting for Erin and Valenica to check out you will never guessed what happened!!!

Well, we were standing by the door waiting and this creeper looking guy walked like really fast past us out of the store and then this lady who worked at the store was running after him yelling "oye, oye!!" She got him to stop and then we saw him pull up his shirt and he pulled out 2 HUGE things of boxed juice from his PANTS! He was trying to steal, but got busted! (PS-Mea, i feel that is something that would happen to you lol!) It was crazy! I was stunned and they just took the juice and let him go, so different from America! Valencia was like "seriously, how lame why would you steal juice!!" lol!

That night we decided to keep with them enjoying ourselves so decided to go to this Irish Pub. We all looked so great because we had gotten so much sun!

At first I was not super excited to go to this Irish place, because the last time we went I didn't really like it, but last night was so fun! The bartenders loved us and they were playing all my right music, I'm talking Shakira - Loca Loca and this aaammazziinngg song called Fast 5, which if you haven't heard you should probably go look at RIGHT NOW! 

After Erin and I danced the night away as you see above we were so tired and decided to take a cab home, buuuttt first we were starving and wanted some food! Our taxi driver must have hated us because we made him take us to Burger King anndd McDonalds, but BOTH were closed :( Lucckkiillyyy I had snacks! lol ;) Anyway great day and night hope you liked this hurricane hunting heather! 

Looking for fame in Spain, 

Rachel :)

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  1. You should try this burger they have at Burger King right now, it has bacon and cheese and some sort of Southwest sauce on it and Heather hasn't stopped talking about if for days...she's obsessed with it!

    PS. If you haven't heard we stayed with Nurse Mindy this past weekend and she said she misses you!