Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 15 - Barcelona

Hola! Estoy in Barcelona! Omg arrived in Barcelona today and I am obsessed with the city already! I love the feel, the weather and the shooppinngg!!

Anyway it was a 6 hour drive from Denia for us to get here and once we arrived we went to the "Sagrada Familia" which is huge Roman Catholic church that was designed by an Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926). The project was put on hold during the Spanish Civil War, but resumed progress in the 1950's and is currently being worked on today. It is said to be finished in 2026.

This a picture of outside, it is HUGE!

The inside is absolutely beautiful! The details are amazing!

That afternoon we went downtown and I did a little shopping at H&M and got some cute stuff :) Then we had a delicious dinner at this little italian place and I had some yyuummyy carbonara! Anndd for dessert Erin and I got a chocolate glory!

That evening we went out dancing and got to see the Barcelona night life that never quits! We took the Metro and let me tell you I am really getting the hang of that thing, but publication transportation is still not on my good list lol! Inside the Metro Station is this GIGANTIC vending machine!

 I love the liveliness of the people here! There was even this ssuuppeerr old guy who danced the night away, it was hilarious! I am obsessed with the Shakira song Loca! They played lots of great music and we danced till our feet were begging us to stop! lol

Here is me and Erin, now for the oollddd guy! lol

LOL! Love it!!

Looking for fame in Spain,
Rachel :)

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