Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 12- Denia

Hola hola hola!

So today was a nice little day! :) A lot of people planned to go the beach, but since I got so much sun yesterday I decided to do the next best thing..... SHOP! :)

Erin, Brittany, Lauren and I went downtown an into tons of little shops! On the walk there we passed this Pringle's Machine thing and it really intrigued me lol! It was so weird!

See! Anyway we went to a BUNCH of shoe stores they love those here! Heather you would be in Heaven, but probably spent like a billion dollars... i mean euros ;)

Erin is going to buy some of those Spanish style Toms!

We went to a make up store and Lauren and I found some nail polish with the coolest bottles ever! She got a dark red and I can't wait to use it! :)

Anyway then we went to a bunch of places with dresses, so I was in trouble! lol Actually, I was so good and just got dos on sale! :) But this one lady who worked at this store was super rude and I almost didn't get the dress, but it was too cute to pass! lol

Yay shopping! LOVE YOU ALL!!

Looking for Fame in Spain,
Rachel :)


  1. We want to see the dresses!

  2. i approve of the last few posts! haha. i agree, i want to see the dresses! I think that a fashion blog edition is a great idea! pictures and descriptions of all of the items you've boughten so far!! (boughten?? haha!) i miss and love you so very much senora caliente!!! keep em coming!!!