Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 3 - Madrid to Denia

After that long night and awaking at 8am to get on a bus to Madrid we visited at another museum, but I left a little early to go to this little candy store around the corner to get some goodies for the 6 hour trip to Denia. YUMMYY treats and Heather they had BIIGGG Sour Patch Kids!

We then headed to Denia and I slept literally the whoollee way there! Arriving at our residencia my roomies Lauren and Jessica moved into to our room and we have such a BEAUTIFUL view!

We then had dinner and then headed into downtown where they have a festival going on all week so it is fabuloso! Tuesday they have the running of the bulls so we are going to see that! We just walked around and got of course some helado! :) Sarah they even have Frozen Yogurt places here you would love it! Here is a picture of me and my roomies downtown! 

Tomorrow are our first day of classes so I hope I'm readdyyy! :) 

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  1. I'm so glad they have so much frozen yogurt! They know where it's at! Glad you're having fun! I'm glad you didn't get TAKEN on your escapades on the public transportation!

    Don't forget my souvenirs!

    Love and miss you!

    Your favorite sister,