Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 23/24 - Denia

Hey there everyone!!! 

Today is Saturday and some of the group took a trip to Alicante, but the train left at at like 8am and I stayed out a little too late so did not get up this morning lol!

I slept in and went to the mall :) Then I saw Harry Potter in Spanish, it was fabulous and I was so PROUD I could understand a lot of what was going on! Then I had dinner at a lovely place called La Port and of course grabbed ice cream for dessert! 

It was a very good relaxing day to rest from the busy week!


Sundayyyyyy..... so I got to sleep in :) I even skipped breakfast lol!

Then Lauren and I headed to the beach! With only 10 days left we are taking every chance we get to be there lol! We stopped and picked up a pizza, let me tell you that pizza + beach + lounge chairs + spain sun = heaven! :) 

Our lovely set up! Pizza, water to stay hydrated :), magazines.... could not get better!

I got a splendid nap in and we did our homework for tomorrow, SO studious!

Then before heading back we watched the sunset :)


Perfect end to the weekend, Espana I never want to leave!

Looking for Fame in Spain, 

Rachel :)

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  1. if i didnt know you better id say you are trying really hard and are really conscious about using the word "little" to describe places and replacing it with the word "lovely" lol just saying XD
    i love you and im happy to see that you are having a great time
    te amooo!!!!