Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 33 - Denia


Yay! Today is finally Tuesday and I finished everything! It feels great!  Erin and I are went into town to Revive Spa to get facials!! They were amazing! Then we grabbed some lunch and spent some time downtown.

Tonight was one of our last night out so we wanted to make it count! We started the night off a nice restaurant where we had some tapas and desserts!

Then over to the Irish Pub to Eugene and then we ended the night dancing at ELEPHANTE! It is a fun place on the beach!

Erin, Brittany, me and Erin!! Looking good ladies! :) I will miss you all so much!!

Looking for fame in Spain,


Day 32 - Denia

Hello friends!!! It is Monday here and we are departing to Madrid on Wednesday night it is coming soooo... fast!! Today I had my first final and tomorrow is my last! So today there has been LOTS of studying, nothing too exciting! Since our days here are dwindling we decided to take a study break and get our TWO favorites... Tutto Frutto and Llaollao!!

Here is Erin with our friend at Tutto! She is getting her usual yogurt with nutella sauce and oreo!

Me and Lauren got or usual as well at Llaollao, yogurt with chocolate covered peanuts and chocolate sauce! 

Perfect ending to a night of studying!! :)

Looking for fame in Spain, 


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 31 - Denia

Hello friends!

Back in Denia so that meant church this morning, which luckily wasn't until 11:30 so we got to sleep in :) I even slept through breakfast lol! Church in spanish is very interesting, but it is actually pretty cool!

We took our big group picture afterwards, it is a tradition for each Baylor group to take a picture here on these steps every summer.

It was a good last Sunday here in Denia, so sad to go, but excited to see my friends and family! I will miss my roomie Lauren!

The rest of the day was spent out by the pool and studying for our final tests we have coming up. The end is coming up so fast!

Looking for fame in Spain,

Rachel :)

Day 30 - Granada

Second and final day in Granada, so we had a lot to do!!

First off delicious breakfast at the hotel and then we made out way toooo.... LA ALHAMBRA!!!

It was amazing and we spent almost THREE hours there, because there is SO MUCH to see, and it is all beautiful!!

Erin and I saw LOTS of Lions as well, because they are the sign of ROYALTY!!! That is right <>

Also the gardens there were insane and the flowers were HUGE!! Smelt amazing!!

After this we had some more free time in town and so we grabbed lunch at a place where I got a super yummy 'ham and cheese toasted sandwich' followed by a 'piece of chocolate cake' :)

After this we looked around town some more and then headed back to Denia! Loved Granada, but wish I could have stayed longer!

Looking for fame in Spain,

Rachel :)

Day 29 - Granada

It is Friday and we have MADE IT to Granada!! :)

We are staying at a precious hotel, called Hotel Corona and me and Erin are roomiieess!!! Everyone is so excited about the AC and the TV since we haven't had either in over a month lol! Butttt we aren't allowed to touch the mini-bar so BOO!

After arriving we went and had a chocolate crepe at a small cafe and then did some shopping! They have a lot of cute shops and really good deals!

I got a new dress :) yay! Then we had dinner at a fabulous restaurant where I had my first burger in Spain! SO GOOD!!

Granada is SO UPPER-CRUST! I love it ;) All the buildings were SO gorgeous! Tomorrow sight seeing so really famous places, can't wait!!

Looking for fame in Spain,


Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 28 - Denia

Hello Friends! Today is Thursday, but it is like Friday because tomorrow we are going to Granada! 

After classes me and Erin walked to town because I had and appointment to get a pedicure at 1pm :) My feet were SO thankful!! The lady at the nail salon asked me if I was Spanish because I spoke so well! It was really exciting! 

Then I met up with Erin and we headed to a small cafe where they had wifi and we had some yummy treats, and she Skyped a friend and I did some homework :)

She had a croissant with cheese, ham, lettuce and tomato and I had a chocolate chip muffin :)

After our snack we went to a couple shops and then had some real lunch at a restaurant outside by the port. We shared some pasta carbonara and it was soooo good! 

We headed back to the escuela and had dinner and got dressed for the evening! First we went to this place at the port and had some drinks, then we went dancing at this tri-level place and that was really fun! We met up with Daniel from the beach there and I even got to hear my fav song right now, MR.SAXOBEAT! 

This crew can dance allll night! And that we did! We rolled in at 6:15am it was hilarious, because when we were walking up to our residencia we heard the rooster start crowing and we were like this is a sign we were out aalllll night! lol!

Anyway great night and lots of memories! 

Looking for fame in spain, 

Rachel :)

Day 27 - Denia


Today was a great day, because Lauren and I went to the beach and got tonsss of sun! :) I am coming back muucchhh darker :)

After the beach we ran into Erin and Andre downtown jusstt before Andre got..... A HENNA TATTOO! It was so funny to watch!! lol! He wanted to get a dragon, yes a dragon on his calf! The lady first off, made him shaavvee his leg in that spot! lol Then he had to pull his pants waaayyyy up so she could do it, it was hilarious! Then he was walking around town for like an hour with his pants up letting it dry hahaha!

She just loved him! Now for the final product!!!

After this me and Lauren grabbed these delicious Pitas for dinner and then walked back to the escuela to do homework, it was a pretty good day!! :)

Looking for fame in spain,

Rachel :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 26 - Denia

Hi Dolls!!

Ok so today was a busy busy day, but so fun!

Class as normal in the morning and then afterwards Erin and I were contemplating if we should go into town for lunch or stay at the residencia, buuttt we had this feeling it was going to be Spain's good ole' Paella and we weren't really feeling that lol! And we found out later we were right! Anyway so we went into town and split a pizza for lunch and boy was it delicious!

Afterwards we looked around a couple shops on the main street downtown, and then headed to Llaollao for dessert :) We brought our homework and did that while we enjoyed our treat!

After Llaollao we headed to the CASTLE in Denia, aka my house! lol It was seriously SO cool and had some of the most beautiful views!!

SO GORGEOUS!!  We explored all the balconies and everything! I felt like a princess :)

Later after the castle we went to the Indian Palace, a indian food place and I got a taste of India!

Trying Indian food for the first time, really interesting! :) lol  I had the Vegetable Pakora to start and then moved onto the Chicken Danka...

It tasted better then it looks and I had it over white rice, a little spicy but it was ok I am glad I tried it! :)

Anyway, if you haven't tried Indian food you should and see if it is for you! There are some pretty good dishes!

Fun day overall and I got to see and try a lot of new things! :)

Looking for fame in Spain,


Day 25 - Denia

Well it was another beach day! :) Brittany, Erin, Andre and I all made the 2 mile walk to the beach and got the usual... four lounge chairs and one umbrella! The weather was perfect and I def took like an hour nap :)

On the way there I of course had to stop and get some Tutto Frutto! :)

Strawberry and chooclate! :) Peerrffeccttt!! Also Look how tan I am getting :)

Well tomorrow we are going to this Castle and then having dinner at an Indian place, so I will give you that update tomorrow!

Looking for fame in Spain,

Rachel :)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 23/24 - Denia

Hey there everyone!!! 

Today is Saturday and some of the group took a trip to Alicante, but the train left at at like 8am and I stayed out a little too late so did not get up this morning lol!

I slept in and went to the mall :) Then I saw Harry Potter in Spanish, it was fabulous and I was so PROUD I could understand a lot of what was going on! Then I had dinner at a lovely place called La Port and of course grabbed ice cream for dessert! 

It was a very good relaxing day to rest from the busy week!


Sundayyyyyy..... so I got to sleep in :) I even skipped breakfast lol!

Then Lauren and I headed to the beach! With only 10 days left we are taking every chance we get to be there lol! We stopped and picked up a pizza, let me tell you that pizza + beach + lounge chairs + spain sun = heaven! :) 

Our lovely set up! Pizza, water to stay hydrated :), magazines.... could not get better!

I got a splendid nap in and we did our homework for tomorrow, SO studious!

Then before heading back we watched the sunset :)


Perfect end to the weekend, Espana I never want to leave!

Looking for Fame in Spain, 

Rachel :)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 22 - Denia

Hola hola hola!!

Run down of my day....

Breakfast - strawberry yogurt with granola and a green apple ( i mean little green apple, right sarah lol)

Spanish Cultures class

Spanish Literature class - test

Lunch with Katherine at a yummy chinese place - almond chicken, delish!

Tutto Frutto - strawberry and chocolate gelato

Beach - todays beach trip was great! Valencia, Sara Beth, Katherine and I laid out in our chairs for hours! I got sooo much sun and Katherine and I really enjoyed people watching lol

Dinner - vegetable soup and chicken

Ok, so now that you can see what the day was like let me narrate the interesting night we had...

Well first off we started the night as a big group of 15 of us at one of our favorite hang outs - O'Rileys Irish Pub. We are friends with Eugene the bartender so it is a fun place to start the night. Erin and I started the night out there dancing of course!!

Please notice the lovely bronze color from the beach :)

After hanging here for a bit we wanted some place with more dancing so we went back to a place we had not been in awhile... the Indian place with the gypsy!

The music was GREAT there and we danced and danced! Andre was having the time of his life with the ladies because we ad another run in with the gypsy and this time we got a picture!

He was aware he didn't have to tip this time! lol!

Theeennn we met these girls from Valencia and they were celebrating a bachelorette party and they loved Andre as well! We all danced with them, they were a blast and so cute all dressed matching! The bride is in the blue wig!

They really made the night fun and were super nice!!

Anyway it was a great night, can't wait to see what tomorrow shall bring! :)

Looking for Fame in Spain,

Rachel :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 21 - Denia

Hey there friends!

Feeling better today, but still not 100% After lunch today Brittany and I walked to downtown and got some yummy frozen yogurt at out favorite place Llaollao! :) Ammmaazziinnngg!!!

Then we went down to the beach and got two lounge chairs and and umbrella :) it was perfect! We spent the afternoon studying for our test tomorrow and dozing off. The weather was amazing and and the view beautiful!!

Wish me luck on my test tomorrow :)

True Life: Study abroad

Looking for fame in Spain,

Rachel :)

Day 20 - Denia

Hello dolls,

Today I was feeling sick and so I took a personal day. Thank you to all of my followers and don't worry this weekend should have some good stuff coming up to make up for today. Also, some of you have requested a special "shopping" entry that shows all of my purchases thus far and don't think it has slipped my mind, my assistant is looking into the logistics.

I would like to take this entry to give a couple shout outs to some of my most loyal followers and loved ones...

Dad- First off thank you for making this trip possible, i love you more than life itself and you know that you mean the MUNDO (world in spanish lol) to me!

Mom - Thanks momma for helping me get ready for the trip and making this summer amazing with all our cooking and laying out! I love you so much and can't wait to be together when I get back!

Sister Sarah - Thank you for being there for me and for being my ginny pig with all my cooking :) i love you and look up to you more than you know! wish you were here!

Heather - well best friend since I was three, there are so many things to thank you for, but first off for making this amazing blog! you have more talent than anyone i know, i love you!!

Ro - my love, thank you for all your help and encouragement you give me with my espanol! I can't wait till I can talk to you todo in spanish! :)

Austin- you are a great friend and avid follower as I can tell from your quotes post on my wall :) love them! Thank you!!

Thanks everyone! there are obviously many more of you out there I love and if you are dying for a shout out show me what an avid follower you are ;)

Looking for Fame in Spain,


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 19- Denia

Hola! First day back to Denia and we once again had class in the morning, and theennn after lunch we headed out on a little adventure!

We went to a nearby city about an hour away called Guadalest and had a little picnic lunch and looked around the town. Then we headed to the main part of the excursion.

We went to this waterfall and it was BEAUTIFUL!!

Aannddd the water was FREEZING!!

We had a great time, but what a hike to get up there!!

Great day with great people!! :)

Looking for fame in Spain,


Day 18 - Barcelona

Last day in Barcelona! Today we went to this the area with a bunch of Gaudi buildings and it was so cool! The details in the architecture are amazziinngg!!!

This is where he lived in Barcelona!

Then we saw this tunnel thing that is actually really famous! It was actually in the season finale of America's Next Top Model with Melrose where they walked down the tunnel as like Zombie Brides.

SO COOL!! Below is a great view of a bunch of his work! It was pretty overwhelming, but really awesome!

That was the big highlight of the day! The rest of the day we just had a little more time in the city and Brittany and I grabbed a delicious lunch at a little cafe. It was super yummy! :)

Looking for fame in Spain,

Rachel :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 17 - Barcelona

Que tal amigos? I am still here going strong in Barcelona! Today first off I looked super cute beccauusee I wore one of my new dresses and a scarf I got in Madrid :)

First we went to this cliff that had an amazing view of the city!

Here is me and my roomie Lauren! After this we went to "Cataluna Museum" where there was lots of art, but I am not much of an artsy person soooo yyeeaaa lol! But them had some good views as well!

Afterrrr thhaattt we went to this little market place and they had the cutest shops! There was this really cool glass blowing place and guess what ferny girls it was just like making glass beads, but on a waaayyy bigger scale.

Aaannddd there was the most delicious chocolate shop called "La Casa de Chocolate" and I got some yuummyy pieces! 

YYAAAYYY! Now for the best part of the daaayyy that night we went to the theatre for the Flamenco performance! :)

It was amazing and me want to dance alllll night! Here is a picture of me before the show in front of the theatre, in a new dress  I bought in Barcelona!

Here is one of me and some of the girls after the show, showing off our flameco moves! :)

The show was fabulous!! What a wonderful day! :)

Looking for fame in spain, 
Rachel :)

Day 16 - Barcelona

Hola! Second day in Barcelona!! Today we went to "The Cathedral de Barcelona" and it was gorgeous!!

There is a dress code and you can't wear shorts or have exposed shoulders as a sign of respect. We saw them turn people away, so luckily we dressed correctly.

Then after that we went to the "Palau de La Musica Catalauna" a famous theatre that holds thousands of shows every year!

Me and some of the girls are going to see a Opera and Flamenco show there tomorrow night! :)

We stopped for lunch at this cute little cafe and I had some Nutella ice cream!!

After sight seeing during the day we went to this delicious asian restaurant on the beach that night! The view was gorgeous and the food soooo... yummyy!

We followed up by going to this Club/Lounge called Carpe Diem! Shout out Courtney!!! I took a photo for you!

It was a fun night! Thanks Barcelona ;)

Looking for Fame in Spain,