Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 2 - Madrid ***Special night update!

Hola friends! So if you read my Day 2 Madrid post I left you on the note that I could be going out that night into town to see the Stadium and then dannccinngg, welllll..... the night didn't go exactly as planned to say the least! Here is the story and a few pictures of what happened!

So while in Madrid we actually stayed in a small suburb about 45 mins away called Alcobendas, so to get into town that night we took the underground Metro. It was super fun to ride and muucchhh cleaner than a NY subway! If you know me at all I DO NOT know anything about reading maps lol! So our savior of the night Amber navigated us and we got from Alcobendas to Madrid easy as pie! It came out RIGHT in front of the Stadium.... sadly it was already closed :( but don't worry Ro I still got some pictures for you! 

Instead outside of the stadium there was a Spanish -German Festival going on, it was AWESOME! We stuck around and had the most delicious meal (ps. heather they had delicious SANGRIA so I thought of you)! 

While at the festival eating a table of 4 Spaniards asked us to take a picture of them. We (Me, Amber, Erin, Simmons, Jared and Ben) of course did and then began talking with them and they loved our attempts to speak to them in espanol! They told us we should go to this awesome club Las Animas that was in apart of Madrid called Goya. They were still eating so we said we would meet them there and tthiisss is when the REAL adventure began......

This club was about FORTY block away so we wanted  to take the Metro. this time it was nearing midnight and we had heard the Metro would be closed. We went back to where we came out of the Metro and sure enough it was closed sooooo... we began walking (ps-i wore heels) until we realized the metro was still open just the smaller entrances were closed. We got on the Metro and made it to the are we were told this INFAMOUS Las Animas was. Once there we began asking locals where this place was and after an hour of walking practically all of Madrid we got there! Our "new friends" met up with us, but when we tried to go into this fancy place they said some of the people (not me of course) didn't meet the dress code. After all that work we didn't even get to go! We decided since it was 2 am we should head back to Alcobendas since it was now an hour or more away and made the walk to the entrance of the Metro. 

We went to the Metro and got our tickets and they said there was only ONE train left! We began ruunnniinngg (keep in mind this is me running lol) to try and make it! We got there and realized that one train was nnoott going where we needed to go! :(

We decided a taxi was out of the question because it would cost like 15+ Euros a person since we needed a 2 taxis for the 6 of us and we were so far away. We ( and when I say we I mean I made friends with the security guy in the Metro and he gave us directions to get to these "special" buses that would take us all the way to Alcobendas. 

Long story short after toonnss of walking and WAY to much public transportation for this Kardashian loving girl we made it back at 3:30am and my feet were DEAD!

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