Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 7 - Denia

Hola mis amigos! :) Today was another nice day in the weather department here in Denia, Spain! I had class this morning and bbooyy did it come early! That late night last night made it hard to get up this morning.

After class at lunch we had the most delicious SOPA! :) I loved it and had 2 bowls..yuummy!

I returned to my room where I did as the Spaniards do and took a loonnggg 3 hours siesta! It was amazing! I felt so refreshed so Amber, Simmons and I walked to downtown to get Frozen Yogurt this evening.

This place was so yummy and Sarah you would love it! It is a little different then the ones in Texas, they aren't self serve. You get a big cup of original yogurt and you can put toppings and a sauce on it. I got it with granola and some nuts with chocolate sauce. The tart was very strong, but I really like it!

Nooowww on to something or should I say someone very important! Most of you may know about my friend who is an up and coming star, her name is Meagan Moseley and she writes, plays and sings her own original songs and let me tell you they are amazing!

She has her first albumn "This is Me" out on iTunes so you should go right now and get it because it is sooooo... good! I have been listening and sharing her music since I got here and today she MADE my day when I had a message from her with a video attached and she sang a personalized song "Rude Boy" for me! AMAZING!!

Love you Meagan!!

Looking for fame in Spain,

Rachel :)

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  1. I am loving all these fro yo places! Spain knows where it's at! Glad you're having fun! Don't get run down by a toro! You should have taught the Spainards that toro cheer from the first Bring it On. That would have been a huge hit! Anyways, love and miss you!
    Sarah-Selling Steel in the Summer (that's my new closing line for this blag thing!)