Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 5 - Denia

Ok, so today was ammaaazzinngg! First had a delicious breakfast! Strawberry yogurt with granola, fresh oranges and this little cookie thing! :) It had chocolate so of course I loved it!!

Then I had class which went by surprisingly well! We had lunch and then I hung out with some of the girls during the siesta listening to some old jams like I'm talking NOW music hahaha! We got dressed and went to downtown for the coolest part of the night..... THE RUNNING OF THE BULLS! I have tons of photos so here are some good ones! :)

Here is the bull just waiting to attack! PS- I saw him attack this guy and then he walked past me all bloody and his shirt ripped apart! CRRAAZZYYYY!!!

Another toro and the insane people who were attempting to run it into the ocean!

After the bulls we all had dinner at this yummy chinese place! :) Then we just hung around all the festivities downtown. It was fabuloso!! :)
Erin, Me, Amber, Lynn-Holly, and Simmons! Thanks Jared for hanging with us and taking our pictures! lol :)

Thanks for reading and stay tuned, I have plenty of adventures!!

Looking for fame in Spain,
Raquel! :)

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  1. those bulls look insane!!!lol i cant imagine the amounts of adrenaline people feel from running infront of them lol te amo!!