Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 6 - Denia

BEST DAY EVER!!! First off today it was a high 82 degrees, ammaazziinnggg!!! So we had class in the morning and theenn after a delicious lunch we headed to to the beach! :)

It was nice and sunny so we got some great tans! Andre introduced me to the bartender and she had some awesome drinks that helped keep us cool!

After a couple hours at the beach we went back to the running of the bulls again! This time was even crazier!! We saw this girl get absolutely trampled by one and sadly she had to leave in an ambulancia!!

We read in the newspaper she survived, but is in critical condition, it was seriously insane to be RIGHT THERE and see that! We aren't sure why she was in the arena because it is usually all guys, but here is a picture of one of the bulls and what the scene looks like.

After we left we went to downtown and there were a bunch of vendors set up selling purses, scarf, jewelry and lots of other stuff! I got a really cute pair of earrings! Then I saw these four little girls selling little rings and stuff and they were too cute so I bought one of their rings and I LOVE it, because is lights up! :)
After shopping we stopped at a little place that had tables outside for dinner, it was so yummy! I had and omelette with garlic and shrimp ( dad you would have loved it!)

Looking for fame in Spain,

Rachel :)


  1. haha You would buy things from cute kids! lol
    te ves guapisima en la playa!
    te aaaamooooooo!!!

  2. you and your "little" places... haha. those girls are cute! I would buy something too!! It's like kids with lemonade stands! you HAVE to stop for kids with lemonade!!! I'm glad you're having fun... but this "best day ever" business makes me really jealous so if you could tone it down a little bit it would be much appreciated! Love you! -Heather-looking for hurricanes in the heat (thats my new closing statement for my blog comments)