Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 22 - Denia

Hola hola hola!!

Run down of my day....

Breakfast - strawberry yogurt with granola and a green apple ( i mean little green apple, right sarah lol)

Spanish Cultures class

Spanish Literature class - test

Lunch with Katherine at a yummy chinese place - almond chicken, delish!

Tutto Frutto - strawberry and chocolate gelato

Beach - todays beach trip was great! Valencia, Sara Beth, Katherine and I laid out in our chairs for hours! I got sooo much sun and Katherine and I really enjoyed people watching lol

Dinner - vegetable soup and chicken

Ok, so now that you can see what the day was like let me narrate the interesting night we had...

Well first off we started the night as a big group of 15 of us at one of our favorite hang outs - O'Rileys Irish Pub. We are friends with Eugene the bartender so it is a fun place to start the night. Erin and I started the night out there dancing of course!!

Please notice the lovely bronze color from the beach :)

After hanging here for a bit we wanted some place with more dancing so we went back to a place we had not been in awhile... the Indian place with the gypsy!

The music was GREAT there and we danced and danced! Andre was having the time of his life with the ladies because we ad another run in with the gypsy and this time we got a picture!

He was aware he didn't have to tip this time! lol!

Theeennn we met these girls from Valencia and they were celebrating a bachelorette party and they loved Andre as well! We all danced with them, they were a blast and so cute all dressed matching! The bride is in the blue wig!

They really made the night fun and were super nice!!

Anyway it was a great night, can't wait to see what tomorrow shall bring! :)

Looking for Fame in Spain,

Rachel :)

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  1. ay ay ay mami! calienteee!! jajaja look at that tan!! looking gorgeous! ;)

    te amoo!!!!!