Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 14 - Denia

Hola people!! Hope everyone had a wonderful day!! :) Today was like Friday for me bbeeccauuuseee tomorrow we are leaving for Barcelona for the weekend! Yaayy! I am so excited! Erin, Andre, Brittany and I spent ALL afternoon at the beach and it was so wonderful and relaxing! We had our little lounge chairs and an umbrella, so it was rocking like a cabana! lol!

Our little cabana, how cute!!

I made Erin do a photo shoot for me! :) Look how preciosa! hahaha

Then I did some drawing in the sand :)

I love you Ro and wish you were here!! xoxox

Then we watched the sunset and it was gorgeous! Love these girls!

Looking for Fame in Spain,

Rachel :)

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