Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 4 - Denia

Hello mis amigos!! So first day of classes today and they went pretty well :) After class I had a siesta and then lunch! We then went into town and shopped at some of the cute little boutiques, but I haven't bought anything yet...yet being the key word hahaha! Downtown they had some stuff for the Festival going on and big groups of people were singing all down the streets!

Then we went to the supermercado which is called "Consume" annddd these little penny pinchers make your pay for a buggy and for your bags! Any way I just got some snacks and since the fruit here is awesome I got some peaches and cherries and you had to weigh them yourself which I thought was weird, but kinda fun and OH you had to wear a glove when you touch the fruit!

We just finished dinner and nnooowww I am going to go do mi tarea and then hit the sack because I am exhausted!! Thanks for reading, there is so much more to come!!! Valencia, Barcelona, y mas mas mas!

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  1. Kaitlyn Cathey has a good friend from Denia who came to live with them as a foreign exchange student. We wanted to visit her when we were in Spain but didn't have the time. Love you dearly and love reading your blog!!