Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 30 - Granada

Second and final day in Granada, so we had a lot to do!!

First off delicious breakfast at the hotel and then we made out way toooo.... LA ALHAMBRA!!!

It was amazing and we spent almost THREE hours there, because there is SO MUCH to see, and it is all beautiful!!

Erin and I saw LOTS of Lions as well, because they are the sign of ROYALTY!!! That is right <>

Also the gardens there were insane and the flowers were HUGE!! Smelt amazing!!

After this we had some more free time in town and so we grabbed lunch at a place where I got a super yummy 'ham and cheese toasted sandwich' followed by a 'piece of chocolate cake' :)

After this we looked around town some more and then headed back to Denia! Loved Granada, but wish I could have stayed longer!

Looking for fame in Spain,

Rachel :)

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