Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 27 - Denia


Today was a great day, because Lauren and I went to the beach and got tonsss of sun! :) I am coming back muucchhh darker :)

After the beach we ran into Erin and Andre downtown jusstt before Andre got..... A HENNA TATTOO! It was so funny to watch!! lol! He wanted to get a dragon, yes a dragon on his calf! The lady first off, made him shaavvee his leg in that spot! lol Then he had to pull his pants waaayyyy up so she could do it, it was hilarious! Then he was walking around town for like an hour with his pants up letting it dry hahaha!

She just loved him! Now for the final product!!!

After this me and Lauren grabbed these delicious Pitas for dinner and then walked back to the escuela to do homework, it was a pretty good day!! :)

Looking for fame in spain,

Rachel :)

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