Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 28 - Denia

Hello Friends! Today is Thursday, but it is like Friday because tomorrow we are going to Granada! 

After classes me and Erin walked to town because I had and appointment to get a pedicure at 1pm :) My feet were SO thankful!! The lady at the nail salon asked me if I was Spanish because I spoke so well! It was really exciting! 

Then I met up with Erin and we headed to a small cafe where they had wifi and we had some yummy treats, and she Skyped a friend and I did some homework :)

She had a croissant with cheese, ham, lettuce and tomato and I had a chocolate chip muffin :)

After our snack we went to a couple shops and then had some real lunch at a restaurant outside by the port. We shared some pasta carbonara and it was soooo good! 

We headed back to the escuela and had dinner and got dressed for the evening! First we went to this place at the port and had some drinks, then we went dancing at this tri-level place and that was really fun! We met up with Daniel from the beach there and I even got to hear my fav song right now, MR.SAXOBEAT! 

This crew can dance allll night! And that we did! We rolled in at 6:15am it was hilarious, because when we were walking up to our residencia we heard the rooster start crowing and we were like this is a sign we were out aalllll night! lol!

Anyway great night and lots of memories! 

Looking for fame in spain, 

Rachel :)

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