Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 26 - Denia

Hi Dolls!!

Ok so today was a busy busy day, but so fun!

Class as normal in the morning and then afterwards Erin and I were contemplating if we should go into town for lunch or stay at the residencia, buuttt we had this feeling it was going to be Spain's good ole' Paella and we weren't really feeling that lol! And we found out later we were right! Anyway so we went into town and split a pizza for lunch and boy was it delicious!

Afterwards we looked around a couple shops on the main street downtown, and then headed to Llaollao for dessert :) We brought our homework and did that while we enjoyed our treat!

After Llaollao we headed to the CASTLE in Denia, aka my house! lol It was seriously SO cool and had some of the most beautiful views!!

SO GORGEOUS!!  We explored all the balconies and everything! I felt like a princess :)

Later after the castle we went to the Indian Palace, a indian food place and I got a taste of India!

Trying Indian food for the first time, really interesting! :) lol  I had the Vegetable Pakora to start and then moved onto the Chicken Danka...

It tasted better then it looks and I had it over white rice, a little spicy but it was ok I am glad I tried it! :)

Anyway, if you haven't tried Indian food you should and see if it is for you! There are some pretty good dishes!

Fun day overall and I got to see and try a lot of new things! :)

Looking for fame in Spain,


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