Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 29 - Granada

It is Friday and we have MADE IT to Granada!! :)

We are staying at a precious hotel, called Hotel Corona and me and Erin are roomiieess!!! Everyone is so excited about the AC and the TV since we haven't had either in over a month lol! Butttt we aren't allowed to touch the mini-bar so BOO!

After arriving we went and had a chocolate crepe at a small cafe and then did some shopping! They have a lot of cute shops and really good deals!

I got a new dress :) yay! Then we had dinner at a fabulous restaurant where I had my first burger in Spain! SO GOOD!!

Granada is SO UPPER-CRUST! I love it ;) All the buildings were SO gorgeous! Tomorrow sight seeing so really famous places, can't wait!!

Looking for fame in Spain,


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